Deal Maker Mastermind is the largest, most active online community of multifamily real estate investors. Connect with other investors and get the support you need to achieve freedom in record time. 
It looked that way for me.

My friends, family – even my wife – couldn’t understand why I left my software development company to pursue financial freedom.

When I flopped in the restaurant business and spent years in single-family housing without seeing any real progress, I started to question myself too.

Through lots of trial and error (and some amount of luck), I finally made it to where I am now.

My journey to freedom took so long because I didn’t have the support or guidance that’s so crucial for success … but yours can be different. If you …

  • Are struggling to get your first apartment deal done
  • ​Can’t raise enough capital for your deals
  • Have trouble separating good deals from bad ones
  • ​Want to be surrounded by other like-minded individuals 
  • Need direction from experts who have reached the finish line 
Then Deal Maker Mastermind might be right for you.
Here's why everyday people like you love
Deal Maker Mastermind:
4 Months to My First Deal with 69 units and now I Own 500+ Units!

It took Patrick just 4 months after joining the program to close his first deal – 69 units – by partnering with Michael Blank’s team. He paid himself a nice $19,038 acquisition fee check at closing. Since then, he has quit his job and closed another 500 units.

5 Months to Close My First Deal of 80 Units!

It took Philippe to close this 80 Unit deal just 5 months after joining the program. He paid himself a nice $33,103 acquisition fee at closing, too. He’s now weeks on closing on his 2nd deal – a monster 168 units. 

4 Months to Close My First Deal of 57 Units!

It took Tom Reid only 4 months after joining the coaching program to close his first deal - 57 units - by partnering with Michael's team using the Deal Maker's Mastermind. He's on to much bigger deals now!

As a member of Deal Maker Mastermind, you get full access to: 

Expert Q&A Sessions & Recordings

We gather experts, Advisors, and Mentors for Q&A sessions you can attend live and watch later


Experienced investors like myself will provide trainings in the areas of marketing, leadership, goal-setting, business acumen, and mindset to become financially free

Weekly SDA  Workshops

Our SDA advisors walk through deals from scratch and give feedback for SDA reviews within 24 hours


Our advisors are here for any questions or 1:1 help you need to succeed

Location-Specific Networking

There are spaces for in-person networking in your areas of interest across the United States 


You can host and share your own events and request to add them to our events channel for the entire group to see


Analyze deals, host meetings, and work together to get important aspects of the syndication process done

Unlimited Searchable Content

Never lose track of your threads, conversations, or helpful tips with our unlimited searchable content feature 

Comprehensive Profiles

Put your best foot forward with other investors and members with a profile that shows your contact information, your bio, and any special profile “badges” we award you for your community contributions


Easily access the latest multifamily podcasts, blogs, and even recordings from events like Deal Maker Live
-And much more!

Other groups ask for $297/month or more and they’re great … but they don’t provide nearly as much value as we do …

Like our concierge (what we call mentors) who check in with you weekly to make sure you’re getting the support you need to close deals.

We could easily charge upwards of $400/month to be part of this community – but we won’t. If you join Deal Maker Mastermind today, we'll only ask for $99/month.

No price jumps down the line. No extra charge for additional features. Once you’re in, you’re in. Cancel any time.

The Deal Maker Mastermind might be right for you if you want to do your first apartment building deal but you're struggling with any of these challenges:
  •  Are you unsure about your analysis?
  • ​Are you feeling a bit lonely out there?
  • ​Would it be helpful to have access to a community of other entrepreneurs who are also looking for apartment building deals?
  • ​Having trouble raising money?
  • ​Would it help if you partnered with me to raise money for your first deal?
If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, the Deal Maker Mastermind may be for you.
How Does the Online Community Work?
For the online community, we use a platform called “Circle Communities” which is a super-cool online and mobile application that essentially combines Slack + Facebook + Email + Instant Messaging all in one! If you have a question, want feedback on your deal, or want to network with others, that's the place to connect. It's a good feeling to know there are others trying to do the same thing you do. It's better together!
How Much Does It Cost To Join?
Deal Maker Mastermind is only $99 per month and you can cancel at anytime, no questions asked.
Do You Offer An Annual Plan Discount?
Yes! When you sign up for Deal Maker Mastermind, you can upgrade to an annual plan for only $997. That’s like getting 2 months for free!
Are There Any Long-Term Contracts Or Commitments?
Absolutely not! You are free to come and go as you please. Just know you'll miss out on the special introductory price
How Do I Submit a Deal for Review?
If you’re a Deal Maker’s Mastermind member, you can upload your analysis to the Mastermind Forum and get feedback from a live person on your analysis. That way you can be more confident that your analysis is sound before you submit an offer.

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