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$178 today for the Syndicated Deal Analyzer and $49 for the First Month, Then Just $49/month, cancel anytime.
Why Join the Deal Maker's Mastermind?
The Deal Maker's Mastermind might be right for you if you want to do your first apartment building deal but you're struggling with any of these challenges:
  •  Are you unsure about your analysis?
  •  Would you like an expert to look over your shoulder and give you some feedback before you submit an offer?
  • ​Are you feeling a bit lonely out there?
  • ​Would it be helpful to have access to a community of other entrepreneurs who are also looking for apartment building deals?
  • ​Having trouble raising money?
  • ​Would it help if you partnered with me to raise money for your first deal?
  • ​Would a Proof of Funds letter help to get your offer accepted?
If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, the Deal Maker's Mastermind may be for you.
What's Included in the Deal Maker's Mastermind?
Glad you asked! Here's what you get when you join the Deal Maker's Mastermind:
  •  Syndicated Deal Analyzer: Included with the Deal Maker's Mastermind is the Syndicated Deal Analyzer ("SDA" for short), the most popular multifamily analysis tool on the planet. The SDA will let you make an offer within 10 minutes of getting a marketing package. It also allows you to complex modeling with ease. Its unique "red-light / green-light" system instantly tells you if you have a good deal. 
  •  Become a Deal Analysis Master: Upload your SDA to our online forum and get feedback on your analysis form a live coach. Do that a few times, and you'll be a Deal Analysis Master in no time and make offers with confidence.
  •  Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs: connect with hundreds of people who want to do apartment building deals like you do. Get support and network!
  •  Deal Desk Privileges: Found a smokin' deal but don't have the money raised? No problem: partner with us and we'll put up the deposit, raise all of the money, and keep you involved as a partner. To learn more about Michael's JV Program, click here.
  •  Proof of Funds: Can't get past a pesky broker who's asking you for Proof of Funds? We've got you covered: we'll provide proof of funds up to $1M (and higher if necessary) to help you get your offers accepted.
  •  Document Library: Get everything you need to make offers that get accepted.
  •  Monthly LIVE Deal Analysis Webinars: Each month, Michael or a DMM member presents a deal, including how they found it, analyzed and negotiated the deal. Followed by Q&A with Michael!
$178 today for the Syndicated Deal Analyzer and $49 for the First Month, Then Just $49/month, cancel anytime.
Frequently Asked Questions
How Do I Submit a Deal for Review?
If you’re a Deal Maker’s Mastermind member, you can upload your analysis to the Mastermind Forum and get feedback from a live person on your analysis. That way you can be more confident that your analysis is sound before you submit an offer.
How Can I Partner with You?
The “Deal Desk” is an innovative program that allows members to submit deals for a potential partnership with Michael, in which Michael’s equity firm (called “Nighthawk Equity”) raises part or all of the equity needed for the deal, and you remain involved as a general partner.

At a minimum, you’ll be sourcing the deal (including analyzing and pre-negotiating the deal), and you’ll likely be involved in the due diligence and asset management after closing. You’re welcome to help with the deposit and due diligence expenses, but you’re not required to do so. You’re welcome to raise as much money as you can (but again, are not required to). The more you do and/or bring to the table, the more equity you receive as a general partner.

As a Deal Maker's Mastermind member, you have “Deal Desk Priviliges” which allows you to submit your deal (and your analysis) to the Deal Desk. You then go through one or more paid coaching calls with one of our coaches who will qualify the deal and also help you to get your offer accepted in such a way that satisfies Nighthawk’s requirements. Some members needed just a single paid coaching call, others several – it really depends on the person. Our goal is to minimize the number of paid coaching calls by being clear what our criteria are and what is required of you. The more prepared you are, the less coaching calls you’ll need and the higher the chance that Nighthawk will accept your deal.
How Does the Online Community Work?
For the online community, we use something called "Slack" which is a super-cool online and mobile application that combines email, chat and file-sharing. If you have a question, want feedback on your deal, or want to network with others, that's the place to connect. It's a good feeling to know there are others trying to do the same thing you do. It's better together!
What's in the Document Library?
The Document Library contains a letter of intent template and a sample cover letter, that includes Michael's bio you can list as a member of your board of advisors. You can also request a Proof of Funds letter up to $1,000,000. Plus I include detailed step-by-step instructions how to assemble the offer package that rocks. My goal is to arm you with the RIGHT documents to be taken seriously and also to have the right LOI in place to protect you.
What Do you Cover in the Monthly Live Webinars?
Once per month Michael hosts a live Webinar where he or a member presents a deal (it could be yours!). We'll review the marketing package and any supporting materials (like P&L, rent roll etc), plug the numbers into the Syndicated Deal Analyzer, and determine how much we should offer for the deal. In the process, we may do a bunch of "what if" scenarios. For example, what would happen if we could increase rents by $50? Or control expenses better? Or what if we could reduce vacancies? You do a few of these and you'll become a Deal Analysis Master! Followed by Q&A with Michael.
How Much is it to Join?
The DMM membership is normally $99 per month, but for a limited time only, your cost is only $49 per month to join – forever. Even when I increase the price permanently to $99, your monthly subscription will only be $49. 

In order to join the DMM, you'll the Syndicated Deal Analyzer (SDA) - the best multifamily analysis tool on the market. That's a one-time investment of $129 for the SDA and $49 for the first month's membership - for a total of $178 today - then just $49 per month. You can cancel anytime, and you keep the SDA.

Join the Deal Maker's Mastermind, get deal support, and do your first deal FASTER.

For a one-time investment of $178 today, and then just $49 per month, this is a no-brainer, and I hope you’ll take advantage of this limited time offer!
What If I Already have the  Syndicated Deal Analyzer?
If you already have the Syndicated Deal Analyzer (or the Ultimate Guide Course), you just need to pay the $49 for the first month's membership to join the Deal Maker's Mastermind. To sign up to the DMM, log into your member portal and click on the "Join the Deal Maker's Mastermind" button on the right side of the home page. If you need help with this, please contact us by clicking the blue "Help" button on this page.
How do I Sign Up?
To sign up, click the button below. We look forward to having you on the Deal Maker's Mastermind!
$178 today for the Syndicated Deal Analyzer and $49 for the First Month, Then Just $49/month, cancel anytime.
What People Are Saying
4 Months to First Deal - 69 Units. Now Owns 500+ Units.

It took Patrick just 4 months after joining the program to close his first deal – 69 units – by partnering with Michael Blank’s team. He paid himself a nice $19,038 acquisition fee check at closing. Since then, he has quit his job and closed another 500 units.

5 Months to Close First Deal
(80 Units)

It took Philippe to close this 80 Unit deal just 5 months after joining the program by taking advantage of Michael’s Deal Desk. He paid himself a nice $33,103 acquisition fee at closing, too. He’s now weeks on closing on his 2nd deal – a monster 168 units.AL –

4 Months to Close First Deal
(57 Units)

It took Tom Reid only 4 months after joining the coaching program to close his first deal - 57 units - by partnering with Michael's team using the Deal Maker's Mastermind. He's on to much bigger deals now!

Help with Analyzing Deals.
I Can Partner With Michael!

-- Danette Montigue

$178 today for the Syndicated Deal Analyzer and $49 for the First Month, Then Just $49/month, cancel anytime.

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